Infinity can install both direct buried or concrete encased duct bank to support either underground electric or telecommunication systems. We work on site, in the Right Of Way, under pavement and under slab.

Typical installations include:

Directional Drilling

Infinity contractors offers horizontal directional drilling services for trenchless utility installation utilizing our Vemeer and Ditch Witch drill rigs. We have different size machines to match the size of your project. Boring can save your project time and money. Our vacuum trailer and utility locating equipment allow us to safely and efficiently complete complicated projects.

Site Lighting

Infinity contractors has the ability to auger, hand dig or vacuum excavate holes for both cast-in-place or pre-cast light pole bases. Allow us to trench in the conduit, connect it to the bases, build and stand poles with our bucket trucks and pull wire for a turn key site lighting installation.

Cable Pulling

Infinity Contractors has all the equipment necessary to pull small wire on your site lighting project up to medium voltage cable through an existing underground conduit system. We have all the equipment and training necessary for confined space manhole entry.

Cell Tower Site Services

Infinity Contractors installs backup generators at existing cell tower sites and has completed numerous projects for General Dynamics across the Carolinas. We are also working with Crown Castle on small cell solutions to support 5G infrastructure.

Bucket Truck

Infinity Contractors owns 2 bucket trucks available to help our customers reach those difficult locations. Our crews are available to help build & stand light poles, service existing pole heads or replace damaged poles.

HYDROVac Truck

Infinity Contractors owns its own HydroVac Truck. The HydroVac Truck is used for soft digging/pothole for locating utilities. It is also used to excavate trenches to install conduits. The advantage of using HydroVac above all is Safety – you can dig around existing utilities, gas mains, etc. without risking damage to the infrastructure or harm to workers on the jobsite.